Monday, August 23, 2010

meet dave.

eddie murphy is Dave in the movie Meet Dave. he is a robot disguised as a normal human being, but under all the plastic and metal, lies more plastic and metal! his "body" is being conducted by smaller people living inside of him. what if all of us were like that and we had no idea? ya it sounds dumb, and i know theres obvious proof that we arent robots because of surgery and what not, but hey...looks may be deciving lmaooo! i guess im kinda hung up on a fantasy where something interesting FINALLY happens in my life, but 16 years in...and so far NOTHING! keep wishing guys!

sunrise! sunset!

Lebanon has the most amazing sunrises and sunsets! every year that i come i have to take pics of them both! Last night me and my cousin pulled an all nighter,and now i am sitting on my balcony on my swing and watching the sunrise. ITS BREATH TAKING! to my left is the bright warm sun peaking over the cascades. to my right are quite cozy little homes and sleeping people who are ready to start their day. as i stare far out in front of me i can see blue hills behind the busiest city in lebanon, Beirut. i can already hear the hussle and bussle of people, car horns honking as if to say "MOVE OR YOU DIE!" i see doors being opened, and smell fresh Kishik and Manouchies being made. i can only imagine the sight of my grandmother stalking over a hot stove preparing a huge meal for all our family this morning. one week left and im trying to savor as many memories as possible...with this damn economy, who knows when the next time i come will be? rooftops are flat, and buildings are tall, windows are wide and welcoming in a country that is raised with one thought in mind..."everyone is to be treated like family, and family always comes first." now that the sun is almost fully up, im getting a goodbye my loves!

2 months in my home country LEBANON!

so i havent written in sooo long and the reason for that is because i have been in lebanon which is yes, an arab counrty but for all you idiots who think being an arab makes you a terrorist, IT DOESNT! anyways internet access is very limited here beacuse the electricity always goes out. so does the water but eh...thats just some of the perks of vacationing in a third world country! ive never written about where i come from so this is my chance. Lebanon is amazing and im not just saying that because its my home. im saying it cuz theres no legal age for anything!!! hahah woohoo! and the landmarks are to die for!! its amazing to be able to see years and years of tradition being passe down to generations. as a spoiled little brat who lives in the states its incredible to come here and get a HUGE slap in the face. seeing what i have taken for granted for sooo many years! year after year i come and vacation here for the summer and i never stop being amazed! and when it comes time to leave i get a huge frog in my throat and can barely talk because i cry so much! i love all my family and friends here. the home language is of course arabic, but many of the people speak french and almost 90% of the citizens speak English. its a great place to come vacation i cant tell you how many non-lebanese i see roaming in Beirut and letting themselves be overwhelmed with all the countries beauty! Lebanon has so much to offer!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

pretty little butterflies

Do you have a little crush?? Someone who send the butterflies zooming into your tummy? Flapping around and making you all tickely and smiley-infact, when it happens to me i cant stop smiling! Well i wonder what chemicals get released into our bodies that make us feel that way, and why do we feel it in our stomaches? Well, im sure its some type of endorphin. People say that its normal, and it is, but they also say it rubs off after a while-once you get to know them better. Well ive known this guy for a while and that feeling is still there. I happy though, cuz i dont want it to go away.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Has anyone ever thought about the process of brainwashing someone? Well guess what? There really is no process, just one step. REPETITION! REPETITION! REPETITION! Well i guess thats really three but you know, one idea. You can brainwash your self to do say feel or taste anything. All you have to say is " I LOVE CARROTS. I LOVE CARROTS. I LOVE CARROTS." or "WOOL FEELS SO GOOD. WOOL FEELS SO GOOD. or WOOL IS NOT ITCHY. WOOL IS NOT ITCHY. WOOL IS NOT ITCHY." get it?? TRY IT!

Monday, May 24, 2010


so im watching tv right now and i just saw a comercial on disney channel for a new movie coming out called "16 wishes" where this girl is about to turn 16 and she gets 16 wishes....well i was thinking about what if that happend in real life. if i had 16 wishes i would use one wish to change one thing from each year. if you had the chance, what would you change?


Sometimes i zone out when annoying people talk to me. well they might not be annoying but what their talking about is SUPER annoying! its kinda funny what i think about when i do zone out. its like my mind lingers on the last word lets say they are in the middle of a sentance and they use the word "but" so then i think of the word "butt" then i think of sitting then standing then walking then i think about dancing then i think of prom which im going to then i think of everyone getting wasted thenn i think of people throwing up then i think of the flu that i had once in the fifth grade and it was really bad then i think of toilets then plumbing then plumbers then my future occupation then other peoples occupations and so on....see im kinda getting off topic right now. lol. so basicaly i went from butts to jobs. IM SO WEIRD!! HAHAH